Nameless Conflagration – Noktulian Entity (Eternal Nokturnal – The Event Horizon).

Noktulian VI: ‘Noktulian Entity (Eternal Nokturnal – The Event Horizon)‘, as it were, the final stage of the Noktulian Programming.

The first two tracks we did of this saga were of the death ambient formula (Noktulian Programming and Noktulian Discipline). The two that followed were harsh electro (Noktulian Archetype and Noktulian Principle). Finally, these last two pieces of the saga are a combination of black metal, death ambient and harsh electro (Noktulian Synthesis and Noktulian Entity).

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Nameless Conflagration – Noktulian Synthesis (Mind Control – The Great Conjunction).

Noktulian V: Our fifth chapter of the ‘Noktulian‘ saga set to induce a deeper trance and give feelings of restlessness, uncertainty and ultimately, being alive in a world that you no longer recognise yet you still continue on. Jupiter and Saturn aligning whilst playing tricks upon you.

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Nameless Conflagration – The Sinister Shadow, Revealed.

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The merging of the Shadow, touching the Abyss.

Nameless Conflagration – Strength Through Individuation.

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Our last video to be presented for this album, ‘The Religion of the Blood‘. This track is, like the rest of the album, a large-scale Sinister tale with esoteric messages for you to discover. The themes behind this material are Pan-European satanism, self-discovery and the importance of Individuation.

Nameless Conflagration – The Religion of the Blood.

The Religion of the Blood‘, is our actual first album that we had put together since as early as 2015. It had been finally finished musically in 2016, serving as the first chapter of the story we had started to tell of the Wanderer.

It deals with the subjects of the tenets of the Order of Nine Angles, history, metaphysics, ontology, creation through destruction, the importance of blood and so on, ideologies that the band operatives practice and believe in to the highest of quality.

Nameless Conflagration – Numinous Adversary.

From our upcoming debut album, ‘The Religion of the Blood‘. Wanderer commence! Enter the Numinous Adversary and the creation of the Promethean man.

1431-1476: Of Blood-drinking Within the Forest of the Impaled.

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Split release by the Horde Sinistra collective: Nameless Conflagration and Bloodwyrd. Both songs are written from the perspective of Vlad III (Tepes; The Impaler). This is an ONA take on the historical events of ‘The Forest of the Impaled’. Mind the chaotic effects, we wanted to play with your mind a bit.

Nameless Conflagration – Athushir (Serpent of Fire).

From our first album, ‘The Religion of the Blood‘. A venomous opus dedicated to the distant memory of the dark gods, Athushir. Once again, we are presenting this in black metal proper and without any death ambient or electronics. Athushir, as presented by the Sinisterly-Numinous Tradition of the Order of Nine Angles.

Nameless Conflagration and Bloodwyrd, along with a few other collectives, are part of the Horde Sinistra.

Nameless Conflagration – Noktulian Principle (Collapse Personified is the Heaven You Seek).

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Noktulian IV: ‘Noktulian Principle‘ is the indoctrination from the programming, the discipline and the archetype combined. This isn’t black metal or death ambient but it is harsh electro made for the clubs as our message slips into your subconscious– All you can do is get lost in the beat. As collapse comes, so shall rebirth. Noktulian aeon.

Mankind, you have fucked yourself!

Nameless Conflagration – Universal Order (Galactic Aeon).

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Universal Order‘ is the culmination of everything that leads to Dies Irae. The leaving of the dark gods from this causal realm, giving way to the reign of Adepts for the Galactic Aeon or rather, Atomic Age.