We don’t live on the internet…

And nor should you.

Go outdoors, get fresh air, learn how to survive, eat right, read a lot, break away from the digital world and experience the dark gods in their most natural of ways.

Conflagration interview presented by Zazen Sounds.

We are now, Conflagration, as per the release of our black metal EP, ‘The Killing Gaze‘ last month. This magazine interview by Zazen Sounds, was our last stop before going forward with the slightly modified name. This should give you some insight as to who we are, what we’re about but more importantly, where we are. This interview and EP serves as a precursor to our third full-length album approaching titled, ‘The Syncretic Ideological Terror‘; An album that provides themes revolving around Being, evolution and transformation of the Self, pan-European satanism and a return to paganism as per the perspective of the Wanderer. The basis of our Sinisterly-Numinous journey and expressions through our personal experiences with nigredo on to albedo. With that being said, enjoy the Great Work and leave the individuals to their solitude.

Memory and History I: Time.

Over the course of twenty years, I have begun a manifesto of my own evolution through thought and experience. I am surely to add more to this body of work, so let this be an entrance from this ancient realm modified to the modern existence. To be added as Time goes on.

This world we all currently live in is a projection of our consciousness. We internalise the external. What we see is what we see but what we see, is it real? This discourse is real but we are experiencing it in real-time, this moment, as you read this. How is it affecting the external world we live in, also? If we are together in this consciousness, this moment, we are experiencing this sense of Being together, connected in a universe of moments. This moment is Being, together, it has zero effect on the external world except in how we experience it together.

Time is the real god of gods. Because Time moves, doesn’t move, affects everything beyond our control. Time is the ultimate sense of Being. This moment, is Time and we are governed by this Time for however long or short. What is realistic is that we never get to spend enough Time doing what we could be doing. But how long do we have? Only Time knows.

If zero is the value of nothing than why is zero represented as infinity, too? This is what Being is: Nothing and everything. But if zero is nothing/everything, than this is what we are and that is something; Being. We are zero; Beginning and endlessness. We are the start of the beginning and the continuation of the ending, which is a beginning. Therefore, nothing ends.

RE: New Year’s Eve Post 2013-21 (Ongoing).

RE: New Years Eve 2013-21 (ongoing).

We are thankful for all of you who have decidedly stalked us, obsessed over us, followed us and attempted to sabotage the Great Work we have started so many years ago. The written spectacle before your eyes were the formation of our beginnings during times of hardships and experiences based off of consequences from erroneous decisions. Everything in life is a lesson and a failure to learn, is a repeat of what you haven’t learned. Out of days carrying forced homelessness, hunger, violence, near-death experiences, betrayals from peoples of all kinds, personal death of a close kind… These words were written and borne from.

Let us take a moment to observe the theme of this year and what its end has brought. The cyclical routine of the beginning and end of things are part of our every day routine, our conditioning into the paradoxical unknown; Ouroboros. So, without further ado, the theme shall be death. Why death? Because like all things; It is inevitable to all things… To lose. This year is an ode to the loss that has been endured. What has been lost? What did we lose in the name of ‘good’ or ‘honour’? Most importantly, did we lose parts of ourselves or ourselves completely? Or did the costs of those losses bring a renewal.. A rebirth of sorts. These are not words of sorrow or pessimism, but words of strength; Of power. The will to overcome, the will to power and the will to live. When you are born, you are destined to die, but in all pertinence, there is rebirth. Looking at the permutations to that fate, there is something to gain. Suffering, torment, pain, agony… All are things, in which, lead to success…. If a thing can be obtained, you enter a phase of mediocrity and you never transcend from it; Ergo, it never builds character. We must always set new goals for ourselves and no matter how tumultuous it becomes, no matter how arduous the task is– Giving up was and is never the option. In essence, the schism with ourselves in the war of loss and gain, is never equal; But is fair nonetheless. More loss will occur, more death… But that is the price and to overcome those, by failure of ten thousand times until success, is a life worth the Struggle. So, let’s end this year with something to carry forward into the next… For good or ill. Live, fight, and die; Make your mark before your time is up, or be crushed by the weight of your own stupidity. Forfeit not the conducive and create works of art with swords of death; We are the demiurge of our greatness– Life does not forgive weakness. Build the world over the ashes of the weak. Apologise for NOTHING!

Conflagration – The Killing Gaze EP.

Get it here: https://greatredeye.bandcamp.com/album/the-killing-gaze

An ode to our Dark Mother, Baphomet.

A combination of black metal with synth texture and arguably, some of our most ominous offerings to date. The subject matter being of a gruesome nature but the peaceful darkness is what you become immersed by.

To the delusional inhabitants of Clown World.

I hear that in the rumour mill these days, there’s a lot of talk about sending those who refuse a vaccination into some sort of a ‘concentration camp’. There’s a lot of talk about mandating your own sense of existence to a mere choice of taking a vaccine or your life will be limited to that of not even being able to buy a bottle of water without a ‘receipt’. What’s next? You have to buy air to breathe?

You don’t even have a brain to use. What do you need air and water for, anyways?

The cult of Political Correctness do have a very interesting methodology to enforce their ‘System-Think‘, I must say. It’s an age-old tactic proven to be useful, time and time again. You take an idea, repeat it again and again, associate the idea with either a positive or negative feeling– You now have the ‘what‘ to think. Once you have ‘what‘ to think secured, you are now told ‘what‘ to do with it. Brainwash complete, now, to spread it by force (By dint of humiliation or violence). Encourage your prey never to educate themselves and to question nothing, just accept the ‘what‘ and obey.

To those of you, who still think and use your own mind, good for you. You’re away from the System-think module and can now live your own life in the way you wish to. Go outdoors, get fresh air, learn how to survive, eat right, read a lot, break away from the digital world and experience the dark gods in their most natural of ways. Arm yourselves with knowledge, not stereotypes nor ignorance.

Collapse is coming, the end of this Aeon can be measured by another 349 years or so (Don’t quote me on that, I’m still measuring that myself). The endless wasteland gently subdued by an eventual paradisiacal landscape for those who know how to build it.

“What say you, Western man?”

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

“The truth doesn’t damage points of view that are legitimate”.

Conflagration – A preview.

A continuation of our beliefs, creed and more to come. Beware. A teaser to one of our completed tracks from a nearly completed album, be so on the look-out. Designed mainly for women to move their asses in serpentine rhythm.

The Sigma Male and Female.

A Sigmatic is an individual not concerned over the growth of society but over the growth of themselves. Society rises and falls, individuality remains and continues to evolve.

All Sigmatics are ultimately lone wolves who find strength and power within themselves. The Sigma is not the follower as the Beta is but a natural leader who doesn’t really like to lead and won’t follow. The Alpha aspect of the Sigma is a socially dominant trait yet maintains a rebellious, uncompromising spirit that the Alpha always lacked. Sigma individuals never compromise or follow but change the course.

Our greatest strength as individual and individuals, with the intention of creating a higher civilisation, had always been to being able to stand alone. Strength in numbers will always remain meaningless if you cannot learn to stand on your own. That isn’t just a Sigma mindset but a mindset destined for greatness, whether personal and beyond. Interpret it as you wish to, the Sigmatic male and female as a creation of endlessness. Where man begins, woman continues. Where woman begins, man continues. The cycle is endless and fulfill the Whole of Being.

A guaranteed success, Sigmatics. Being bold is the spice of life and an ingredient for change. The success adds to your own evolution. Hard work and a mindset of determination, even after endless failures, pays off. Success is failure overcome.

Best of luck to you, future Sigmatics.

(More to add over time).

We stand alone.

This is the Nature of our Way.

We release our own materials and none of it is to be used or shared without our seal of consent. The current writings we have in store, are taking its course and its time is measured by our energy invested in it. The writings will reflect upon the music and art we create, so it is all connected and it is to be taken as such. Each writing to be involved with our experiences, philosophical musings and findings, factual confirmation of all things human history and beyond human existence.

We are on the verge of new musical workings from the band, Conflagration. As well as, Balobian art in association with the music.

We don’t seek the approval, permission or validation from any institution, society or collectives. We seek and abide only by our own.

In the grand scheme of things, this is an individualistic path. However, in our case and in many others, I am certain, a ‘nexion‘ (collective of individuals) takes on its own path away from all other groups and nexions, alike. We have decided, until otherwise stated, we will go it alone. This family, this tribe of its own, stands alone.

We do not stand against other nexions but we do not follow any hierarchy or structure, of which, others would try to impose upon us. Not happening, people. Not sorry.

If you have questions, concerns or any sort of feedback relating to our work and our work, alone, you may find the usual mediums to do so. All other things shall be quickly left in the bin of your existence.

Don’t worry about us, we don’t worry about you. We can’t see you because we don’t look down as we make our own way up.

Strive not only forwards, but upwards for greatness lies in the highest.”


A recent trend of late, or rather, for the last several months… We’ve been seeing the Homo Hubris infestation on social media boasting with dumb smiles on their faces upon receiving not only one vaccination but two! Imagine your greatest accomplishment in life would be sharing with the entire world, what a moron you really are by dint of ‘selfies’ sporting the hypnotic mind-fuck of ‘I got da vax!” The fine representatives of Clown World.

Needless to say, we have been very busy on two fronts: The releasing of new material in the black metal expression and to continue provoking all sides of the board. A form of Balobian warfare.

While this Aeon is accelerating into its decline and the world enters its atomic age and ultimate collapse; We build, we grow and stand unaffected by the Systematic mind-fuck. The quality of life declines, the values and the evolution of the human races amass into a zombified regression. A mindless devotion to the ‘Plandaemic‘, a religion in and of itself. After all, ‘herd immunity‘ can’t be hard to decipher beyond one key word, ‘herd‘.

With all of that said, we’re going back to releasing our Great Work. Try not to take too many selfies now of how much of an idiot you are.

We are laughing.