Nameless Conflagration – Invocation to Shugara (Complete).

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The completed video and song from our second album, ‘The Promethean Concept and the Sinister Archetype of Satanarchism‘, which was released in 2019. It opens the album and before now, the video had always been divided into two parts. This time around, we’ve made one video with all of the updated art pieces connected to the ritual itself. All images were put together by myself with the generous contributions of our listeners worldwide. All music performed and composed by the Conflagration, past and presently. No nudity is featured in this presentation, just sincere art. The purpose of this material is to neutralise your conscious resistance, so that each sound, each image bypasses the resistance. The intention is to subvert your mind with ideas you never thought existed and to induce altered states.

Nameless Conflagration – Time, Death and Void.

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Our Spenglerian epic in death ambient form titled, ‘The Decline of the West (Western Aeon)‘. Dedicated to all who have died since this project began.

This is the first part of the release, as we have unleashed the second part, respectively; ‘Imperium‘. We suggest that you listen to this track when you have thirty minutes of time to immerse yourself into it and also for meditative purposes, if you prefer. These sounds are those of the dark gods and the individual travel through dimensions here, there and anywhere.

The Balobian: The Shape of Things to Come.

As follows, we hereby present in chronological order, the Sinisterly-Numinous saga we have started to create artistically, compose musically and pen ritually which is the basis and expression of our philosophy and attitude towards our lifestyle. The ‘Dark Gods‘ chapter starts it all, it continues on with ‘The Intrusion‘ and ‘Wanderer‘. Everything between that point onwards leads to our finale, ‘Dies Irae‘. In conclusion, we will continue to add on as we see fit.

The works you will see listed here are the body of work by Nameless Conflagration musically which tells the artistic and literary story of our Way.

Listen to the music in this order to get the full experience:

The Voyage From Aldebaran (Primal Aeon)’.

The Religion of the Blood’.

The Promethean Concept and the Sinister Archetype of Satanarchism’.

‘Death Ambient, Death Cult (Carrion of Human Suffering)’.

Embodying the Essence’.

The Decline of the West (Western Aeon)’.

‘Rituals, elegies​.​.​. For the Entity’.

‘Universal Order (Galactic Aeon)’.

The ‘1431​-​1476: Of Blood-drinking within the Forest of the Impaled‘ track, takes place between ‘The Religion of the Blood‘ and ‘The Promethean Concept and the Sinister Archetype of Satanarchism‘, respectively. As it is a Vindexian perspective on the historical Vlad III figure, not the fictional vampire, Dracula.

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Nameless Conflagration – Imperium.

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Our Spenglerian epic in death ambient form titled, ‘The Decline of the West (Western Aeon)’.

Dedicated to all who have died since this project began. As echoes across time, through aeons, at long last. Inspired by the works of Oswald Spengler. Recommended works: ‘The Decline of the West vol. I and II’, ‘Man and His Technics’.

Nameless Conflagration – The Spirit of Hatred, a Wind of Malice.

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Put together by a Pan-European collective of people who share the same views and desired outcomes for what the work is intended. All others need not apply, this is our legacy and so much more will dawn from the efforts of all involved. The Entity lives on.

Nameless Conflagration – Noktulian Entity (Eternal Nokturnal – The Event Horizon).

Noktulian VI: ‘Noktulian Entity (Eternal Nokturnal – The Event Horizon)‘, as it were, the final stage of the Noktulian Programming.

The first two tracks we did of this saga were of the death ambient formula (Noktulian Programming and Noktulian Discipline). The two that followed were harsh electro (Noktulian Archetype and Noktulian Principle). Finally, these last two pieces of the saga are a combination of black metal, death ambient and harsh electro (Noktulian Synthesis and Noktulian Entity).

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Nameless Conflagration – Noktulian Synthesis (Mind Control – The Great Conjunction).

Noktulian V: Our fifth chapter of the ‘Noktulian‘ saga set to induce a deeper trance and give feelings of restlessness, uncertainty and ultimately, being alive in a world that you no longer recognise yet you still continue on. Jupiter and Saturn aligning whilst playing tricks upon you.

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Nameless Conflagration – The Sinister Shadow, Revealed.

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The merging of the Shadow, touching the Abyss.

Nameless Conflagration – Strength Through Individuation.

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Our last video to be presented for this album, ‘The Religion of the Blood‘. This track is, like the rest of the album, a large-scale Sinister tale with esoteric messages for you to discover. The themes behind this material are Pan-European satanism, self-discovery and the importance of Individuation.

Nameless Conflagration – The Religion of the Blood.

The Religion of the Blood‘, is our actual first album that we had put together since as early as 2015. It had been finally finished musically in 2016, serving as the first chapter of the story we had started to tell of the Wanderer.

It deals with the subjects of the tenets of the Order of Nine Angles, history, metaphysics, ontology, creation through destruction, the importance of blood and so on, ideologies that the band operatives practice and believe in to the highest of quality.