A Visual Simulation of the Noktulian Programming.

The beginning process of our Satanarchist brainwashing programme in five stages. What you are witnessing shall influence and affect your behaviour. Your thoughts shall accept it as the divine, universal truth.

This mind control experiment for the purpose of building a Promethean– A New Being without human conception pushing beyond the frontiers of all limitation. A re-education through means of a violent and spiritual nature.

Each image represents a facet of the subconscious– A mapped outline within this labyrinth. At a later time, there will be an in depth explanation of each image, its meaning and the symbolism regarding the alchemical change of the targeted subject.

  1. The top left image reveals, ‘The Mesmerist’.
  2. The top right image reveals, ‘The Devourer’.
  3. The bottom left image reveals, ‘The Mother’.
  4. The bottom right image reveals, ‘The Daemoness’.
  5. In the middle image reveals, ‘The Harvester’.




The Promethean Concept and the Sinister Archetype of Satanarchism.

‘The Promethean Concept’, is a term which many people have never heard of before. Those familiar with the Order of Nine Angles, will see the term ‘Promethean’ in various MSS published. Otherwise, it has its origins to the titan, Prometheus; Προμηθεύς, giving the appropriate meaning of, ‘forethought’. Prometheus represents the ‘Giver of Thought’, a being of superior knowledge, one whom had shared knowledge (light or fire, if you prefer) to what he created– Man. This can be seen as the real creator of human civilisation itself and leads on to the concept of building beyond man’s civilisation and to the inevitable evolution to god,  or apotheosis.

‘The Satanarchism Archetype’ is a fairly recent term, giving a combination of Satan and Anarchism. This sense of anarchism can be best defined in Bakunin terms– Arguing that man is most natural when free and rebelling against an oppressor or oppressive environment which seeks to limit him or restrain him from his potential. Like Satan, we rebel and defy against limitation and conformity, as these are things which enslave us rather than elevate us. So, it is only appropriate to assign ‘Satan’ in our archetype.

The Promethean creates and destroys. His fire spreads far and wide, giving this to others and the cycle repeats. He goes beyond man and those who ignite this fire continue past all limits and an endless evolution. The ethos of a Promethean begins with the desire to bring forth change through fecundity and the fire of knowledge.

The Satanarchist is Satan taking shape into you. Satanic rebellion, satanic defiance and a satanic evolution beyond artificial concepts of good or evil. The ethos of a Satanarchist begins with an appetite to bring forth change through destruction and violence.

Through fire, great men are forged. Only great men can forge themselves into gods. There aren’t gods to worship, but gods to become.

Within every Promethean lies a Satanarchist.

“From the infernal abyss, man is born. To reach toward his destiny beyond the cosmos, to become a god. This name we speak of, we utter with pride and terror… The name of the great Chaos we are born from and return hence”.– ‘The First Breath of Promethean’.


More will be explained in the future, stay tuned…



National Socialism and the Sinisterly-Numinous Tradition as One.

Explanations about National Socialism and the Sinisterly-Numinous Tradition to be featured shortly.

“Obstacles do not exist to be surrendered to, but only to be broken.”– Adolf Hitler.

“First, it should be understood that the present civilization [which re-presents the energies of the Aeon now existing) was, in its ethos, essentially what is termed ‘Faustian’. That is, dynamic, questing for knowledge and understanding. The exoteric expression of this ethos is science -or, more correctly, a reasoned approach to the ‘world’; a conscious evaluation based on experience/ evidence. Aspects of this ethos are expressed in the Renaissance -and in National-Socialist Germany. This latter is most important, and so often mis-understood. NS Germany represented the quintessence of ‘Western’ civilization: an exuberance, a balance between ‘Man’ and ‘Nature’, a spiritual force heir to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Civilization means a way of living -and of dying -more than it means Art and artifacts. It certainly does not mean material comforts, or even a certain type of politics (like ‘democracy’). The greatest example of and model for a civilization, is the warrior: someone who enshrines honour, loyalty and natural justice (or ‘fair-play’). That this is so seldom understood, today is evident of how few really understand: of how precious wisdom still is. Further, the fact that the above statements regarding National-Socialist Germany are heresy (in the literal sense) today, explicates the distortion that has occurred in the Faustian civilization far better than dozens of words.

This ethos, exoterically, is Satanic. That is, the true ethos of the West enshrines a Satanic view of the world -a pagan joy in conquest, experience, living, in seeking and going beyond limits, physically and intellectually. The morbidity of the Nazarene has undermined all this distorted it. In essence, therefore, a Faustian Imperium would have been a type of Satanic State on Earth: a fulfilment of the first part of the sinister dialectic of history, and would have made possible the next part or stage, that of a Galactic Empire. It would be during this later stage that another goal would have been achieved -a genuine evolution in consciousness, a higher type of individual, on a massive scale. That is, Adepthood with its self-understanding and knowledge would be commonplace rather than (as now) the preserve of a few.
However, Satanism -in both exoteric and esoteric forms -became and is a heresy. Except for a brief and glorious period when an exoteric form achieved power -i.e. NS Germany.
Here, exoteric means an outward form or ~: a physical presencing which achieves change in the causal. Esoteric means ‘the essence’. An example -an Initiate of the sinister tradition becomes through Initiation an outward expression of Satanic spirit, consciously. The sinister becomes presenced, in the causal, by the actions/magick/life of the Initiate. In a sense, the causal persona/psyche of the Initiate is a “Temple of Satan”. As the Sinister Way is followed, according to tradition, the Initiate accesses more and more of the sinister -presences more of it in the causal, causing/provoking change both internal and external. As knowledge and understanding increase, there is more awareness of the sinister as it is -i.e. without forms: the sinister ceases to be hidden or occult. At first, the essence of the sinister is hidden or obscured. An exoteric form implies a form, a channel -which is not necessarily consciously understood as a form or channel. A form can be either ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ with respect to the morals pertaining at the time -the sinister is beyond opposites but can only be presenced through them at particular times. That is, it becomes ‘earthed’ through a positive or negative form and thus provokes change and evolution. However, ‘morals’ as mentioned above -does not mean ethical: rather, it implies the prevailing ‘spirit’ or orientation, the orthodoxy of the moment.

• A civilization is itself a form for sinister energy: a form possessed of its own ‘life-cycle’ (first mentioned by Spengler although not really 1 understood by him). Thus, a civilizat-ion through its metamorphosis fulfils or can fulfil the sinister dialectic -i.e. it aids evolution toward
• New forms, presences the sinister and enables the acausal to be accessed (sometimes directly by a few individuals per Aeon). The Western civilization is a link -the fifth stage of the seven that
• Can lead to new forms of existence. The next Aeon, beginning on the practical level c. 2400 eh, is the ‘Galactic’ and should be the realization of the sinister on a large-scale. Part of this will be the development
• Of latent Occult faculties, part will be development of new ways of thinking (such a use of symbolic languages rather than words), and part will be discovery external to the Earth: the conquest of planets in other stellar systems. There will thus be a freeing of spirit both internally and externally. Our-species -at present mostly undeveloped children, intellectually, psychically and personally -will mature, and become adult, achieving wisdom and thus fulfil the promise of magick.
However, this will not just ‘happen’ -or arise from a desire to make it so. It will involve struggle: war, conquest, attrition, exploration; the decimation of the worthless and the conscious breeding of a new elite.
It will arise because of ethos -because there is a sense of Destiny, a vision to be great. It will involve manipulation by sinister Adepts of vast energies over centuries of time -for without this direction, this sinister manipulation, inertia will return, entropy increase, and -the petty ones, the visionless ones, the Nazarene-type ones will spawn in their worthless majority until they overwhelm.

•. As has been written elsewhere, civilization is a struggle and requires the triumph of a noble minority who impose their vision on those that they conquer.
Thus, the term ‘new sinister Aeon’ means the triumph of a creative minority imbued with a specific elan and a sense of Destiny who create and maintain a civilization, this particular civilization extending well beyond the confines of the Solar System. It means the presencing of sinister energies in particular ways, and certain ways of living -ways which are essentially Satanic. What these ways are, has been prefigured by NS Germany [and particuarly by aspects within that form, such as the Waffen-55) . The means to achieve this -such as aiding Imperium, presencing sinister energies, opening a nexion [and drawing forth ‘The Dark Gods’) -have already been outlined. What it is important to remember is that the means, such as political forms, their support/manipulation etc., are part of sinister strategy to achieve a specific goal. That is, they are purely means: not the goal itself, and as such cannot be judged causally or by the standards pertaining at anyone time. They have been chosen to achieve something, and those who cannot comprehend this do not understand Aeonic magick. People, in their majority and their individuality, are a means to be manipulated via forms. The goal is a new Aeon, Satanically inspired; the means, many and varied -often ‘heretical’. The magick of the genuine Adept is, in its power and effects, of centuries: anything else is for beginners and children”.– ‘Hostia II’.


The Importance of Vlad Tepes (Dracul) as an Expression of the Nekelah.

In these two workings, we refer to Vlad the Impaler as an expression of the Nekelah. All of the blood that had been spilt in his campaign must have opened some acausal gates. Millions of ‘opfers’ being offered to the hungry Nekelah. More to be added in due time.

“The word ‘opfer’ generally refers to the sacrifice that occurs – symbolic or otherwise – during certain rituals. There are, generally, two types of opfers:

(1) Associated with rites to open a nexion (or ‘Star Gate’), between Aeons – when such an opfer(s) is considered necessary in terms of the ‘energy’ required;

(2) Those associated with traditional beliefs regarding the ‘working of the cosmos’.

‘Opfers associated with death rituals form a third type. The second type, according to tradition was chosen once every 17 years and this sacrifice was regarded as necessary to retain ‘the cosmic balance’ – in modern terms, keep a nexion open (and thus preserve the associated higher civilization etc.).  The chosen one was made an honorary Priest (this type of opfer was always male) and there was a joining between him and one or more women, as Priestess. This joining was a simple type of ‘hierosgamos’, and the offspring of the union(s) were given great honor. At the ceremony itself, the head of the opfer was severed and displayed – usually for a night and a day (although this period  may have been longer in the very distant past). The Rite was conducted outdoors in a ‘sacred’ place – often a circle of stones or hill top.

The chosen one was able, because of the sacrifice, to partake of an acausal existence – becoming thus an Immortal. Thus ‘willing sacrifice’ was possible, although it is easy to imagine that in later times, the opfer was not so willing. Traditionally, this type goes back to Albion, and while originally the ritual was probably a community affair, it became more secretive. What survives to the present day (The Ceremony of Recalling with ‘opfer’ ending) probably reflects the essence of this earlier tradition rather than the detail (the words, chants etc.). This essence may be apprehended in the role of the Mistress of Earth – representative of Baphomet, the Dark Goddess. It was to Baphomet that the sacrifice was made – hence a male opfer. Indeed, the whole ceremony (of Recalling) can be seen as a celebration of the dark goddess – the Earth Mistress/goddess in her darker/violent/sinister aspect. The severed head was associated with the worship of Baphomet – the cult deriving from Albion – hence the traditional representation of Baphomet.

The identification of Baphomet as the Bride of Lucifer/Satan probably dates from around the 10th or 11th century, as does the use of the name ‘Satan’/Satanas as the Earth-bound representative of the Dark Gods.

It is important to remember that in earlier times (e.g. in Albion during the Hyperborean aeon) there was no clear and/or moral distinction between the ‘light’ and the ‘sinister’: the two were seen as different aspects of the same thing. Thus, what we know as the Mistress of Earth (the ‘goddess’) was both what we now call Baphomet (the dark aspect) and Gaia (the Earth Mother). Likewise with the male aspect – Satan and Lucifer – or Dionysus/Kabeiroi and Apollo. We now understand all such symbols as unconscious/conscious projections onto ‘reality’ (where ‘reality’ = the region of causal/acausal mergence) – as ‘gates’/nexions to the acausal itself, with the seven spheres of the Tree of Wyrd being a ‘map’ of these gates understandable by ‘non-Adept’ consciousness. Thus, the sphere of Mercury represents Lucifer/Satan – Mercury, Mars and Sun being “male” spheres, and Moon, Venus, Jupiter the “female” ones (Saturn beyond such opposites – Chaos itself).

The cult of Baphomet was the worship of the dark aspect of the “female” energies – where in this context, worship means a striving toward understanding/conscious integration. Traces of the worship of the ‘light’ aspect survive in the Septenary tradition in the name “Aktal Maka” and the natural form of the Nine Angles rite. The darker aspect survives, in essence, in the Ceremony of Recalling and the traditions associated with the Mistress of Earth and Baphomet. As to the original name of the goddess in both her aspects, there is a tradition which gives ‘Darkat’ (early form of Lilith) as the name used before Baphomet became the common usage. However, ‘Azanigin’ has also been suggested – as has ‘Aktal Maka’ for the ‘light’/Gaia aspect, although both these are merely 20th century suggestions, not based on any oral tradition. Some aspects of the cult of the (dark) goddess are said to have survived into Greek times in the form of the ‘mystery cults’ (qv. Kabeiroi – and also Eleusis for the ‘light’ aspect), this being an ‘indirect survival’, the ‘modern’ Septenary tradition being a direct one, from Albion.

The use of the name ‘Baphomet’ probably derives from the 10th or 11th century although the traditional pictorial representation of Baphomet is undoubtedly much older. If there was an oral tradition connected with the origin of the name Baphomet, it has been lost.

Thus, there are no indications as to the ‘original’ names of the ‘light’ and ‘sinister’ elements on the ‘male’ side – known to us as ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Satan’. These latter names probably also derive from around the 10th or 11th century – although ‘Karu Samsu’ (or something very similar) has been suggested for the ‘Lucifer’ aspect and ‘Sapanur’ as the ‘sinister’ aspect.

The rites associated with the first type of opfer – such as ‘The Sinister Calling’ – cannot be either dated with certainty or seen to be derived from an earlier tradition. In all probability, they derive from the 12th or 13th century, although it is quite possible that earlier versions/forms existed. Some have even considered The Sinister Calling as a later version of the Ceremony of Recalling. Again, if there was an oral tradition, it has been lost – all that remains are the rituals themselves.

The ‘Black Mass’ itself (and indeed most of the ceremonial rituals in the Black Book of Satan) probably originated around the same time as the Sinister Calling. The original Mass was said in Latin, although by the middle of the 20th century a translated version had found its way into the Black Book – of necessity, although some Latin chants remained.


The significance of the 17 year cycle is unclear. In the past few decades, some theories have been advanced, but they are unconvincing.

Aktlal Maka is a chant sometimes used in the natural Nine Angles Rite by the Priestess if the glade has a spring of water. It means ‘the flowing waters of Earth’ and is chanted in homage to Gaia since natural springs are regarded as her children.

The ‘mysteries of the Kabeiroi’ (Sometimes spelt Cabiri) is one of the esoteric traditions associated with the Hellenic Aeon. In its original form, ‘the mysteries’ concerned certain deities often represented in the form of griffins and connected with the sea as well as Demeter – the ‘mother Earth’ or Gaia. According to esoteric tradition, the mysteries concerned the Dark Gods – in various ‘shapechanging’ forms – and related how Demeter gave the first Initiates of this tradition a crystal (later venerated at a shrine near Thebes where a sacred grove to Demeter existed) as well as showing how an individual, through various rites which involved Gaia, women, sacred marriage and so on, could be transformed to a different realm of consciousness. This transformation, as in other Greek Mystery Cults, was achieved mainly through personal involvement in ritual/ceremonial action often of a mythological kind.

Later, this tradition became divided – Eleusis representing the ‘Apollonian’ element, the Kabeiroi, the ‘Dionysian’ or darker aspects, for it is said that all Initiates of the Cabiri had to have committed a crime greater than common ones.

The mysteries of the Kabeiroi were often celebrated in mountain shrines (certain combinations of rock and underground water being regarded as sacred – that is, capable by their magickal power of transforming the consciousness of individuals (cf. various sacred sites of the Yezidi who upheld a more garbled version of Dark Gods tradition) and to reach these shrines was considered part of the process of Initiation.

Greeks called the Kabeiroi the ‘great gods’”.


A sea of blood that sees beyond life itself.



Blood and Fire


Sunedrion; Mass of Heresy.

Struggle being the father of all things and we are its children.

Satan summoned through the fires, by the cosmic Will of the nexion. The swastika proudly stands over the evolution of man-to-god. The ceremony starts as soon as the Mistress of Blood arrives. More to come.



Athushir; Serpent of Fire.

The beginning of a racial war, as depicted in this monstrous image. The serpent of fire intrudes, with a swastika before the world, to bear witness to the new Aeon.

More to come, stay tuned.

“Symbolic form along the 16th path. Serpent of fire (‘dragon’) often regarded as a memory of one of the Dark Gods during a previous (and only partially successful) intrusion into our causal universe”.



Baphomet- An intrusion between two realms.

An opfer taken under the setting of ‘Temple of Satan’, an interpretation by Nameless.

Further thoughts on Baphomet shall be expressed in due time.

“There is a tradition regarding the origin of the name Baphomet which deserves recording, even though it is not regarded as authentic, having no present-day proponents.

This tradition regards the name as deriving from “Boubastis” – the Greek name for the Egyptian goddess Bastet, recorded by Herodorus (2.137 ff). It is interesting that Herodotus identifies the goddess with Artemis, the goddess of the moon. Boubastis was regarded as the daughter of Osiris and Isis and often represented as a female with the head of a cat – cats were regarded as sacred to her. Artemis was a goddess unmoved by love and was regarded as Apollo’s twin sister (the identification of her as a ‘moon goddess’ followed naturally from this since Apollo was linked with the sun). Like Apollo, she often sent death and plagues, and was propitiated sometimes with sacrifices.

It is interesting that:

(a) “Boubasteia” is the Pythagorean name for ‘five’ [qv. Iamblicus: Theologumena Arithmeticae, 31] – perhaps a link with the ‘pentagram’?

(b) the Templars, with whom the name Baphomet is associated, were said to have worshiped their deity in the form of a cat.

The tradition recorded above, and the one described in part I, both regard Baphomet as a female divinity – and both are esoteric traditions, hitherto unrecorded. It is possible that both are correct that is, that the actual name Baphomet derives (as mentioned in part I) from the Greek “Baphmhoa”: the prefix referring to being ‘dyed/stained’ or ‘dipped’ in blood. The suffix derives derives from ‘mother’ or ‘mestress’ used in a relligious sense (qv. Iamblicus ‘De Mysteriis’). This name – Baphomet – is thus a descriptive one for the “dark” (i.e. lunar) goddess, to whom sacrifices were made, and which was actually known in former times as ‘Boubastis’ – that is, Bastet, to whom cats were sacred. Thus, Baphomet could be regarded as a form of Artemis/Bastet – a female divinity with a ‘dark’ side or nature (when viewed via conventional morality) to whom sacrifices have been, and continue to be, made. Sinister tradition regards Baphomet as the Bride of Satan/Lucifer – this would fit well since Lucifer is often regarded as a form of Apollo: Artemis is the female form (‘sister’) of Apollo. Here, it must be remembered that both Apollo and Artemis were not aetherial, moral and lofty divinities (the classical gods have been romantically misinterpreted) – they could be, and often were, deadly and dark: both ‘sinister’ and ‘light’”.