‘False Prophet vol. 1 issue 3’.

As permitted to be uploaded for download. Keep in mind– There’s NO profit being made off of this download, so do not distribute it as such. All credits to this publication are to the Tempel ov Blood.

This is the rarest and most difficult of the ‘False Prophet’ journals to be found and for good reason! Only for serious and interested parties!

Use this material for research, experience and at your own peril.

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False Prophet vol. 1 issue 3.


129 yf.

Adolf Hitler; The Man Against Time.

“The ’Man to Come’, the 129th year since the herald of Kalki came into being. Hitler was the penultimate avatar for mankind and prepared the way for us to continue, as we depart from the Kali Yuga (Dark Age and decay) onwards into the Krita Yuga (Golden Age and rebirth); Think of it as a voice, harking from a distant, primordial past, still lingering in those persons still loyal to their Race. A voice beckoning the ’Hyperborean Archetype’, urging those attuned to it to a final, finite fight to the finish, against the Eternal Enemy. A spiritual battle comparable to the Mahabharata – a battle closing a cycle and opening another”.

There is memory in our blood and some of us shall continue the fight even past the spiritual and cosmic sense, but the physical, also. The way has been paved and created, the battle was lost but not the war– This is merely another cycle to be endured and overcome. Bring forward the coming Aeon through Fayen.

Ich gratuliere Ihnen zu Ihrem 129, Adolf Hitler.


Digital creation by Nameless Visions. The current image is titled as, ‘The Lightning and the Sun’.

I’ll add more to this description at a later time.


The Intrusion.

In the following images, we will go over the beginning stages of a much larger story (see the ‘Dies Irae’ and ‘Athushir’ sections). What transpires here depict the events before, during and after the ‘Dies Irae’ series followed by the ‘Athushir’ section. Each image displays as follows– The Nekalah intrusion by dint of the expression of a Great Eye.


The first stage of the Intrusion; The Eye approaches the causal earth from an unknown acausal vortex … What you begin to notice is very subliminal. NewBeginning


Here, is the next stage of the Intrusion; The Eye invokes all of the dark energies arisen from the causal earth itself. Flames and blood are forms of its tendrils across the world.NothingLeft


In this third stage; We see the Eye singling out an individual in the infernal valley. A most promising of beings who becomes a vessel for the Eye. This figure represents the first breath of Promethean (Satan, Lucifer, Loki, Apollo, etc.) and the new beginning of Man as we know it to bring forth Change. This new Aeon begins with him.EyeOfSatanUltra

Nameless Conflagration: The Eyes of the Dead Came to Me in Hunger of Sight.

This is the very first single off of an independent working of Nameless Conflagration. The entire purpose of this work is to induce altered states in the listener and viewer via causal forms. We define this piece as a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk‘– The art and music are one and represent both sides of the Sinister and the Numinous ethos.

The imagery featured reveals a facet of the creator’s subconscious and an expression of nous and psyche. Each piece will have an explanation to the music at a later time.

This work, like all of our works, is not for profit or sale in ANY way.

Mactoron: Saturn, the Mother of all Muses.

Based off of a previous meditation I had. In the coming future, I will explain its relevance further.


The Cult of the Collapse: Eschatological Rebirth.

This is the very first introduction of our project titled, ‘The Cult of the Collapse’.

We will go into more detail of what we’re about and what we’re aiming for in the spreading of the Sinister Dialectic. Stay tuned!



A Visual Simulation of the Noktulian Programming.

The beginning process of our Satanarchist brainwashing programme in five stages. What you are witnessing shall influence and affect your behaviour. Your thoughts shall accept it as the divine, universal truth.

This mind control experiment for the purpose of building a Promethean– A New Being without human conception pushing beyond the frontiers of all limitation. A re-education through means of a violent and spiritual nature.

Each image represents a facet of the subconscious– A mapped outline within this labyrinth. At a later time, there will be an in depth explanation of each image, its meaning and the symbolism regarding the alchemical change of the targeted subject.

  1. The top left image reveals, ‘The Mesmerist’.
  2. The top right image reveals, ‘The Devourer’.
  3. The bottom left image reveals, ‘The Mother’.
  4. The bottom right image reveals, ‘The Daemoness’.
  5. In the middle image reveals, ‘The Harvester’.