The Balobian Sphere – A Brief Introduction.

One of the many faces of the Sinister Tradition, manifested in a Sinister – and causal – way, is the Balobian Sphere, which is, precisely speaking, the circle of individuals amongst the Tradition that are concerned with the crafting of Sinister-Numinous works of Art. In Exoteric terms, a Balobian is responsible for the spread of an acausal – or causal -, often intuitive and symbolic, Vision, through causal means, such as Sinister-Numinous Music, Visual Artworks, Poetry and/or any-‘thing’ that goes beyond the causal, limited, ‘realm’ of reason. Now, in an Esoteric manner, the Balobian brings-into-being a certain acausal essence, for his(er) works are, metaphorically speaking, the fruits of a Sinister-Numinous manifestation that lies beyond the causal: such acausal manifestation is formless and can be considered that which nourishes the fruit itself – the Vision. Thus, the Balobian intuitively grasps such essence and shape it into a Numinous Work, thus causing such Art to be possessed, imbued, by acausal energy.

This implies that an Art – specially one in which predominates a symbolical nature – is the result of a ‘blurred’ vision buried deep inside the artist’s unconscious, and thus a part of the collective unconscious of the cultural organism that the artist is a member of. Sometimes the artist is even partially unaware of what exactly (s)he is trying to bring-into-being, because such visions have not yet been fully presenced/incorporated by the cultural organism that the artist is bounded to, and thus it’s only a blurred representation of a future, almost always rooted on a timeless, acausal essence. This happened in almost every culture, so far, and such role has always been associated with seers, sages, magicians and, as part of these groups, the (mystical) artist.

Another aspect in which the role of the Balobian Sphere is influential in pronounced manners, is that of truth. Truth can’t, by its very nature, be explicitly described by purely causal means such as words and pure logic, for it is a root that rests beneath the surface; what we can fallibly attempt to describe is only the colour of its leaves, and the Numinous flavour of its fruits. One of the many ‘aspects’ of such flavour is the Goal, the Destination, which we, as individuals and, more importantly, as a Kollective, strive to bring-into-being through our our Sinister Mythos, our Works of Art, and other causal forms that re-presents, often in a symbolical way, the many aspects of Truth. One of our main goals, that presents truth in its highest form, is the Promethean “concept” of greatness, exploration and the desire to reach a higher – and more Numinous – state of being, for ourselves and our Kollective. Such states of being cannot be described or re-presented through the limited realm of words, for it is an essence that is concealed, and can only be felt by those who possess the inherent Satanic character. Those who are aware of this concealment understand that such essence is timeless and acausal by nature and, due to this quality, can be presenced and/or made manifest with the proper methods. One of the methods that allows a Numinous Vision to unfold is through Balobian works, in which the Balobian Artist serves as a vessel for the acausal to be made manifest. Such causal representation of Truth – of our Sinister visions and goals -, created by the Balobian Sphere, causes inspiration and an urge to bring-into-being the Visions of our Wyrdful future.

Our Arts are like swords, viciously cutting through the layers of consciousness, reaching realms beyond human comprehension.

National Socialism as a causal form I.

“This is our purpose: To make as meaningful as possible this life that has been bestowed upon us . . . To live in such a way that we may be proud of ourselves, to act in such a way that some part of us lives on. We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope, without rescue, like that Roman soldier whose bones were found in front of a door in Pompeii, who, during the eruption of Vesuvius, died at his post because they forgot to relieve him. That is greatness. That is what it means to be a thoroughbred. The honourable end is the one thing that can not be taken from a man”. This is what National Socialism means; The Aeon of Change.

“There is no triumph, without sacrifice, struggle and the terrors of everyday adversity– This is National Socialism; The stepping stone toward man’s evolution beyond the cosmos”.

“I believe National Socialism feeds into people’s basic fear of inferiority and is seen as elitist. Communism flatters people’s feelings about themselves but has no basis in reality. For this reason some aspects must be forced for the greater good. Standards can’t be compromised anyway; that wouldn’t be good for anyone”.

“The duty of National Socialism inevitably boils down to this : All that is best in the people should be allowed ceaselessly to develop”.

“National Socialism (with the esoteric exception of Traditional Satanism) is the only real Heresy in existence, since it is based solely on the highest ideals of Honour, Loyalty and Duty, championed over and above selfish individual pursuits. It calls for a revolution of the Soul; a Triumph of the Will; a return of racial pride and defiance – of all that epitomizes the genuine Western ethos. It is a form that cannot be bought by The System, and thus the only option for the latter is to jail or kill National Socialists, and smash through innumerable legislative variations National Socialist influence, naturally dormant in the Western – or Aryan – people. It is the only form which frightens The System, and is thus the only form capable of achieving System Breakdown.”

“I am honest to admit that the National Socialist ideal, in its ultimate perfection, stands like a Polar Star above Mankind…And Mankind must ever follow a star”.

“As National Socialists, we follow no other voice than the voice of Nature and no other ethic than the ethic of Nature, and we know only one mortal sin: To try to revolt against this ethic. And so, a people not willing to fight, not willing to resist, are only willing to die”.

I. National Socialism is the natural order of the cosmos designed to fit in the world of man.

II. National Socialism is life; National Socialism is the building of the higher man.

III. National Socialism is the necessary change that man requires to evolve.

IV. National Socialism is the necessary change required in man to evolve to his highest form.

V. National Socialism never died. It’s still very much alive in some form or another.

VI. National Socialism was/is a self and group-evolving organism not a self-destructive one. Your racial blood does define you in every way.

VII. National Socialism is the building block toward man’s evolution.

VIII. National Socialism is religion to the fanatics of our race and it is much needed.

IX. National Socialism is the religion of the blood; Universal Order.

X. An updated model of National Socialism is the key towards a higher civilisation.

XI. National Socialism is the religion of the blood. Fascism is the universal truth. Both borne of the same absolutism.

National Socialism and its variant exist to better man (race and individual) toward a higher blood-culture and state of being. If that means you have to destroy the decadent and weak foundations– SO BE IT.

Nameless Conflagration – Penetration of the Womb (Demonic Mindfuck).
Penetration of the Womb (Demonic Mindfuck) is the second track of the EP, where the sociopath (Wanderer) summons dark entities to create a portal of human blood to cleanse the current dimension or causal realm in preparation of the new Aeon. A dark pathworking by way of the Sinister Tradition or Order of Nine Angles.

Nameless Conflagration – Being and Time: A Portrait of a Sociopath.

This track is divided into four sections of Being: Becoming, thinking, knowing and aught. The eidos was to create an interactive experience of the mind of a sociopath where there’s a reaching beyond the pyramid of skulls and a descending towards the infernal abyss; Abgrund. Thoughts, feelings, ideas and visuals may appear chaotic and out of place, but the intrusion of different dimensions are used here as metaphor. Everything is in sequence of how it was intended.

Being and Time: A Portrait of a Sociopath is the first track of the EP, displaying a journey through the chaos of a new breed (Wanderer) who defines order through chaos. Inspired heavily by the works of Heidegger, Parmenides, Husserl, Polybius, Jung, Toynbee and Spengler. What is being? The source of chaos.

Nameless Conflagration – The Great Eye Devours Mankind

Taken from our first release, ‘The Religion of the Blood’. This is an entirely black metal release.

Creation through destruction.

Nameless Conflagration – Invocation to Shugara

This is the invocation to Shugara which will be featured as the opener of the second album which connects to the first Shugara piece we did, so its entirety, it will be one piece dedicated to Shugara.