Nameless Conflagration – An Earth Cleansed by Bloodshed.

Our second single from our first record, ‘Religion of the Blood’.

The blood calls to us into action. It’s the myth of the blood, the ancestral bond to our identity. Ruthlessness and cruelty stem forth from this blood.


Nameless Conflagration – Strength Through Unity.

From ‘Religion of the Blood’, our up and coming first album due by year’s end. This isn’t ambient or meditative and it just might ruin your day. Martial industrial beginning to the black metal which follows.

The importance of blood is very real and it has a memory worth following. National Socialism is the religion of the blood.

“Everything on this earth can be made into something better. Every defeat may be made the foundation of a future victory. Every lost war may be the cause of a later resurgence. Every visitation of distress can give a new impetus to human energy. And out of every oppression those forces can develop which bring about a new re-birth of the national soul – provided always that the racial blood is kept pure”.

“Today a new faith is stirring: The myth of blood, the faith that along with blood we are defending the divine nature of man as a whole”.

“Blood, as the material receptacle of internal power and the vehicle of external power, retains the imprint of metaphysical individuality and appears as the perishable manifestation of spiritual potential. Blood is the guarantor, the symbol and the inviolable link in all connections between the threshold and the overcoming”.



Prelude to the Aeonic Man discourse.

The spirit of the Promethean, does indeed, ring a bell or two on what is important in our Struggle. Homo Prometheus is the idea of National Socialism embedded into our psyche; As it can be seen as a positive reality. These terms all come down to one truth–Promethean.

The Promethean is an aeonic being ahead of its current time, who seeks to change what he or she wishes to change in the world that is current to them. The aeonic man alone needs an ethnicity, in which, to place its national favour towards and build upon that ethnos, of which they belong. This idea of ‘nationalism’, alone, cannot change this world or bring about the solidarity of a race; Only Homo Prometheus; A new race of the archaic kind. The Indo-European race has many ethnicities and nations defined by these ethnic cultures and traditions to which we must preserve as we forge ahead and build anew and for all-time . This, being, a National Socialist in its core, memory of the past and carrier of the future; An organism with its own unique functionalities.

We strive to better man and woman to advance our species through our progeny. A progeny should only have its progenitors’ best parts and what is seen as weakness(es) or flaw(s), should be sought to be overcome and adapted by its indomitable will(s). Every nuance and every curve of flesh should be represented by the best genes and carried forward to the wyrd of our race. Our provenance is struggle and our will must be obstinate. The aeonic man is a Promethean and this is how we can drive ourselves further to greatness and ultimately, perfection.

The aeonic man can create civilisations and build themselves upwards past the sky itself and within the core of the earth. We have made our way into space and discovered different meta-realities within realities. It is man who gives woman the ability to create more for our race and to further what I have stated above– Beautiful is the Indo-European race, as are the beings who further it, in all ways violent and so on. Strive for all-time and never for just the moment. Condition yourself into this mode of thinking, but, also, in this mode of being. For this being is a part of our evolution for all-time and beyond.

Become the spark of a Promethean mankind onwards to the endlessness of the divine.


Nameless Conflagration – Upon a Corpse, Descended a Wraith.

The fifth and final video that we will make for this upcoming record titled, ‘The Promethean Concept and the Sinister Archetype of Satanarchism’. This one is akin to that of a horrorscape you cannot escape from. It induces terror, feelings of confusion and helplessness. It invokes dark gods in their most archaic forms; Imagine your own spirit escaping upon your corpse and begins to devour it. This is receiving divinity through causal death itself.


Nameless Conflagration – The Children of the Great Eye.

All digital art put together by Nameless Visions, as well as, all music performed by members of Nameless Conflagration. Hand-drawing of Satan done by Azothic Art.

This track is a considerable journey through the stars and beyond the Abyss. It takes you through your own layers of consciousness and should be used for meditative purposes without distraction and interruption. Listen at your own peril.

Phase I: Stargate
Phase II: Athushir
Phase III: The Children Approaching
Phase IV: Disintegration
Phase V: Promethean
Phase VI: Inhumanity Incarnate.

Nameless Conflagration – Noktulian Programming (Fucked by the Devil).

Our third track released for public listening. All music and art put together by Nameless Visions, respectively. Except for the figure featured in ‘Harvester’, the credit is given to Infernal Slave for permission of visual use.–Not being used for profit. Art and music itself designed to induce altered states of consciousness and ideas not yet understood by the listener/viewer.

Listen at your own peril. Make way for the Children of the Great Eye.

Nameless Conflagration – Shugara: Prelude to Architectural Genocide.

Meditative music and visual stimulation provided by Nameless Conflagration. This is the second single from an upcoming album, which will feature a multitude of material in the vein of black metal and death ambient/noise.

The purpose of this material is to neutralise your conscious resistance, so that each sound, each image bypasses the resistance. The intention is to subvert your mind with ideas you never thought existed and to induce altered states.

We chose Shugara for a plethora of reasons —(That which has not yet been confronted within the psyche of the individual; that which is strange, which lies outside the scope of any worldview; that which lies within the Dark Pool beneath the moon and threatens to devour, create madness. A stage which cannot be ignored if further development is sought, requiring a descent to draw out that which is obscure, fearfully hidden: the gateway to the Abyss. A point from which there is no turning back; that which leads to rebirth via death.) and sounds prompting an inevitable genocide en masse. This is a prelude and there will be a follow-up of a similar name.