White Race Under Attack!

The European man and woman as we know it, is under attack. The genocide of our people is an every second, every day process. We are dying, but with what is left of us, we will win and only a select few willing to get their hands dirty, will change the world again.

For the record, we know there are Europeans in South America. This is a promotional video of our next campaign being created from the ashes of an idea and made into form. Like and share for the sake of awakening the ancient Indo-Aryan spirit within you.

‘The Great One’ split with Horde Sinistra (Vorfahrkult, Einsatzgruppen and Astral Legions).

The behemoth tribute for the Great One, known as Adolf Hitler. Consisting of three bands that manifest the Horde Sinistra entity, two of which are from the U.S. and yours’ truly, without further ado..

Adolf Hitler is an ageless silhouette of a dying spectre; His devotion to the Struggle and efforts have placed him in the acausal timeless eternity. To that, we dedicated this monument to a man that became more than a man, but a presence of the coming aeon where we can undo all of this degeneracy. Blood is the life.

Thanks to the people involved in making this alive and to Winter Solace Productions for releasing it in a timely fashion. Enjoy or do not enjoy, it doesn’t matter in the slightest– We do.

To purchase, go here: https://www.discogs.com/Astral-Legions-Einsatzgruppen-Vorfahrkult-The-Great-One/release/8283614

Or: http://www.wintersolaceproductions.com/

Promethean ethno-nationalism.

The spirit of ethno-nationalism, does indeed, ring a bell or two on what is important in our Struggle. Ethno-nationalism is National Socialism in other words; As it can be seen as a positive reality. These terms all come down to one truth– Promethean.

The Promethean is an aeonic being ahead of its current time, that seeks to change what he or she wishes to change in the world that is current to them. The ‘nationalist’ alone needs an ethnicity, in which, to place its national favour towards and build upon that ethnos, of which they belong. Nationalism, alone, cannot change this world or bring about the solidarity of a race; Only ethno-nationalism can. The European race has many ethnicities and nations defined by these ethnic cultures and traditions to which we must preserve. This, being, National Socialist in its core; An organism with its own unique functionalities.

We strive to better man and woman to advance our species through our progeny. A progeny should only have its progenitors’ best parts and what is seen as weakness(es) or flaw(s), should be sought to be overcome and adapted by its indomitable will(s). Every nuance and every curve of flesh should be represented by the best genes and carried forward to the wyrd of our race.

Our provenance is struggle and our will must be obstinate. Ethno-nationalism is Promethean and this is how we can drive ourselves further to greatness and ultimately, perfection.

Look below and you will see what is the spirit of ethno-nationalism.


The European woman.

The aeonic man can create civilisations and build themselves upwards past the sky itself and within the core of the earth. We have made our way into space and discovered different meta-realities within realities. It is man that gives woman the ability to create more for our race and to further what I have stated above– Beautiful is the European race, as are the beings that further it, in all ways violent and so on.

Strive for all-time and never for just the moment. What we will need are the aeonic woman.. Few as they are.


Hollywood Satanism.

There you have it– The theatrical atheists and pretendu crowd, with their subservience and melodrama to bring meaning into their lives. In other words, mundanes in disguise and followers of a cult of jewry; The Church of Satan.

Self-evolution and glorification are important struggles that we implement in ourselves through hard living and insight roles to bring about a change in our race and in the world we desire to destroy and later create. Any sort of submission and worship of false idols and pie-in-the-sky beings we wish to see, is death.

We refuse to submit or worship any one or any thing. The wyrd we mould, is in ourselves, not in any one or any thing else. If you’re interested in the Temple of Set or even Joy of Satan or even the Church of Satan– Lurk elsewhere, this is not the place for you.

Place yourself in front of danger and confront what it means or run back to your shrine of LaVey and masturbate to it.


Promethean Wyrd.

Condition yourself into this mode of thinking, but, also, in this mode of being. For this being is a part of our evolution for all-time and beyond.

Become Promethean.



Miscegenation is mundane poison.

The mundane would see to it, that we simply become a muddled devolution of our former selves. They know nothing and therefore, would not question the decay of the Aeonic man into a soulless, obsolete and feeble being. The Promethean is born through the fires of hard living and struggle– Not through haedonism and subservience to parasites. Race is the origin of being and to maintain that blood and nobility– We mustn’t stray away from this blood, alas, only to shed blood of those that threaten our existence.

Race is our biological mass. Different races recognise these differences and maintain the desire to remain within their own genetic similarity. If we mix and combine different races into one– Then we lose that original blood and it can never be brought back. Extinction is forever.